The Unexpected Benefits Of Medical Alert Systems

Brittnee Gaines, Communications Specialist for shared with Healthy Lombard that when you hear the term “medical alert system”, what do you think of? If you’re like most, you picture an elderly person at home with a button draped around their neck.

Though medical alert systems are most closely associated with senior citizens, they’re a powerful tool for a variety of ages and medical conditions. Here are unexpected benefits of medical alert systems you may not have realized.

Monitoring for Disabled Adults and Children

Many with physical and mental disabilities, especially those on the autism spectrum, require ‘round the clock care. This can be a challenge for caregivers who struggle to maintain these grueling demands with life’s other responsibilities. A medical alert system, however, can help to lighten the load.

Medical alert systems provide added protection (and peace of mind) that those with disabilities need to live on their own. Speedy response times and 24/7 access to medical support guarantee they’re always taken care of, even when there’s no one at home to take care of them. Even if an individual can’t live alone, a medical alert system can give them the help they need to be more independent. It’s impossible for caregivers to provide constant vigilance all day and all night— medical alert systems fill in the gaps.

Geolocation monitoring is another commonly overlooked benefit of these systems. When a disabled individual wanders off— particularly a child— the panic that sets in is swift and all-consuming. It’s a race between you and time to find them and bring them back to safety. With a medical alert system, though, you’ll be able to locate them quickly and easily. 

Outpatient Monitoring

Getting released from a hospital, clinic, or surgery center doesn’t mean the end of intensive monitoring. Patients often require a high level of care at home, even if their days in a facility are over. Home visits from specialists, though necessary, can be expensive and inconvenient. Medical alert systems can track and log vital statistics that providers can view independently. In some less severe cases, these devices eliminate the need for home visits altogether.

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