Cyberbullying – A Widespread Problem has recently published a post on cyberbullying statistics that has been updated with all the latest info and data for 2019.  This is useful since widespread internet access is an exceptionally positive development for education and access to information, but it can also open the door for a lot of negative and otherwise unsavory behavior. An online presence comes with some risks one opens oneself to, and an extra level of care that needs to be applied to any information one supplies about themselves. You never know who is going to use your personal information to target and harass you.

Bullying is an issue that has always existed, not only among children, but also adults, and technology has made it possible for bullies to reach their victims in new ways. People you know or complete strangers can reach you with hurtful words, threats, and other forms of abuse via cyberbullying. This is a real problem that is only growing, with statistics showing that 34% of people report that they’ve been a victim of cyberbullying in their lifetime.

Thankfully, there are ways to curb, avoid, and minimize instances of cyberbullying and its effects. The most important step is to seek help when it happens, and not allow the bully to silence you. There are authorities that deal with this issue and you should never face this alone.

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