College of DuPage Nursing student Janett Barrera wrote for Healthy Lombard that Bullying has become a national problem. Thinking back to my childhood I realize that bullying has always existed, although perhaps not as nasty as it is today. Bullying is not something that has popped up within the last few years, but it was not talked about as much as it is today. Bullying is not a game, it can have serious consequences such as death. Just the other day I was reading a news article about a boy who committed suicide because his classmates were making fun of the odors of his colostomy bag.

The National Centre Against bullying talks about four different types of bullying which include verbal bullying, social bullying, physical bullying and cyberbullying. With the advances in technology and the easy availability of it, children can very negatively impact someone else’s life through cyberbullying. Millions of people miles away can read and add to negative posts online. There is such a thing online as “trolls”. These people hide their faces on the internet and the majority of the time make nasty remarks on an already existing post, adding to the bullying being done online (cyberbullying). These four types of bullying can be done at school and sometimes the faculty is not aware that it is going on.

I will admit; when I think about bullying I think about children bullying other children. The truth is that bullying can affect adults as well. It can happen in the workplace as well as within a friend group. Emily A Kuhl wrote an article for the American Psychiatric Association Foundation in where she talks about workplace bullying. This kind of bullying does not only affect the involved persons, it also affects the company for which they work for. It reduces productivity therefore increasing monetary losses. Anyone in the workplace can be the bully, but according to Kohl it is often a male or someone in a supervisor position. A supervisor has the power to bully because employees are often afraid of what that may entail. From experience I can say that the constant torment and humiliation from bullying makes the workplace absolutely horrible. According to some research, adult bullies are often those who were bullies or were bullied as children.

To stop bullying, there are several things we can consider some of the following ways to prevent it from continuing:

  • We must emphasize bully prevention at an early age
  • We need to teach our children that it is not okay to bully others
  • We must teach children who are bullied to speak up and help them identify adults who can help
  • As an adult, if you or someone you know is being bullied, encourage them to speak up and seek help!

For more information on supporting those who are being bullied contact your local guidance office or social worker in the school or contact one of several bully hotlines, like: https://www.nationalbullyinghelpline.co.uk/

Standing up against bullying can change lives and save lives.

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