March is National Nutrition Month

Action for Healthy Kids would like to share some food for thought (pun intended).

This is a great time to set nutrition goals for your family. In addition to choosing what to eat more of or less of, think about your goals around food acquisition or preparation. Some examples might be including your kids in the menu planning or starting an herb garden together. Visit Parents for Healthy Kids for more ideas.

At school, nutrition can be incorporated into almost every part of the learning experience and school environment. From teaching how to understand nutrition facts labels to creating cooking clubs to updating your food and beverage marketing, there are a number of options for celebrating National Nutrition Month. Check out the Game On blueprint to see dozens of more activities for promoting healthy eating at school.

However, you choose to recognize good nutrition in March, get your friends, family, and community on board by sharing what you’re doing on social media and tagging them.

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