Are You Ready For Spring?

May your troubles be less 

and your blessings here to stay 

and the temptation to start gardening

keep your back pain away!


Dr. Sally Pepping from DuPage Healthcare Ltd, in Glen Ellyn, shared that the weather report calls for an unseasonably warm Saturday in March.  You instinctively look at your yard and it looks like the aftermath of a college party.

The weeds are just daring you to come and get them!

You suit up in your best gardening clothes, slip on your gloves and prepare for battle.

You approach the task like you’re a young kid again, working up a nice sweat and feeling the pride of your accomplishments.

The next day you wake to be reminded of your energetic endeavors the day before.

The reminder does not come from the wheel barrel full of weeds, but by your excruciatingly back pain!

We prepare for our day by planning ahead and even wearing the best gear to protect our bodies, but why don’t we plan ahead to protect our backs?

Next time you are planning to head out and win the war on weeds, add this easy exercise to warm up your back and give you that extra advantage to prevent that haunting back pain.

Initially, your first couple reps may be uncomfortable, but as you continue warming up your spine you should feel less pain.

Once warmed up go out and do your yard work right away.

You can also repeat this exercise when you are done with your work.

If you continue to have pain or discomfort, then give our office a call and schedule an evaluation.

March Healthy Lombard Special for $75.00

  • Consultation
  • Examination
  • Digital motion x-rays
  • Report of findings
  • 30-minute massage

Give hem a call at 630-238-8200

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