Engaging Parents to Promote Healthy Schools

The Center for Disease Control shared that parents have a powerful role in supporting children’s health and learning. Use CDC’s resources to help parents get involved in creating a healthier school!

Schools, parents, and students benefit from parents being involved in their children’s school. Students who have parents involved in their school lives are more likely to:

  • Get better grades,
  • Choose healthier behaviors such as biking or choosing better food and drink options,
  • Have better social skills, and
  • Avoid unhealthy behaviors such as smoking.1-6

What Is Parents for Healthy Schools?

Parents for Healthy Schools is a set of resources that school groups, such as the PTA/PTO and school wellness committees, can use to get parents involved in promoting healthy schools.

There are four resources included in Parents for Healthy Schools.

1. Parents for Healthy Schools: A Guide for Getting Parents Involved from K‒12

Provides an overview of school nutrition, physical education, and physical activity, and managing chronic health conditions such as asthma or diabetes in schools.

Explains how parents can be involved in school health and give guidance on how the resources can be used.

When parents are involved, the school is a happier and healthier place to be,1 and their child’s grades and performance are improved.7

2. Parents for Healthy Schools: Making a Difference in Your Child’s School PowerPoint Presentation

Explains the importance of a healthy school and identifies ways parents can take action in promoting a healthy school.

Includes an evaluation form.

3. Ideas for Parents

Suggests key questions and shares ideas parents can consider when asking about a health topic or wanting to take action.

4. Check-in questions

Identifies ways to track whether parents are becoming more involved in efforts to make schools healthier.

These four resources were developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in collaboration with key federal, professional, and non-profit organizations.

Who Should Use these Resources?

Any school or group in the school that works with parents. These groups include:

  • National Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)
  • National Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO)
  • School wellness committee
  • School health personnel and advisory council
  • National Network of Partnership Schools Action Teams

These resources also can be used by others interested in working with parents and getting them involved in the school, such as school nutrition directors, school administrators, school nurses, teachers, parents, and community members or organizations.

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