Crunch An Apple Today!

Healthy Lombard is encouraging everyone to crunch into an apple TODAY  in a unifying action to raise awareness about eating better diets for our health and the environment, access and affordability of fruits and vegetables, and supporting local farmers.

Hundreds of thousands of school students in Illinois will crunch into an apple at lunchtime on TODAY.   Parents and other healthy-minded individuals will also join in the fun by crunching into an apple either in corporate cafeterias, their place of business, or at home.

Even the residents of LexingSquare of Lombard are participating.  Check out their great photos!

Last year over 600 Lombard Elementary School District 44 and Glenbard High School District 87 students as well as parents, residents, and employees at local businesses participated.

Healthy Lombard Foundation Board President Jay Wojcik is hoping to greatly increase that number this year.  “We are so grateful to Jewel/Osco on Main Street (in Lombard) who has agreed to provide District 44 students and St. John Lutheran School students with FREE Apple Coupons,” said Wojcik.  “They partnered with us in Apple Crunch Day 2017 and, now that the community is aware of this special day, we are looking forward to much more participation.”

Enjoying an apple can be done at any time as well as anywhere – classroom, home, office.  And when you do, Healthy Lombard is encouraging participants to post their Apple Crunch Selfies.  They can be uploaded to the Healthy Lombard Instagram site or sent to Healthy Lombard at to be posted on the foundation’s Healthy Lombard Facebook Selfie page.

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