Sleep paralysis, is it always awful?

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College of DuPage Nursing Student Sarai Lopez discovered that sleep paralysis is a phenomenon involving a lack of ability to move your body, just before sleeping or as you are waking up. Right off the bat; an experience that sounds like it should be terrible every time, and is even worse when it happens on more than one occasion. But what if that isn’t always the case?

A recent study published by Lišková, M., Manková, D., & Bušková, J. (2017), demonstrated fear is not always the reaction that individuals experience when this occurs. In a study involving 189 participants, 39 actually experienced pleasant sleep paralysis. Factors contributing to the experience of pleasant sleep paralysis include how often fear occurs; minimally, or never, lucid dreaming, and the ability to, “influence the course of the episode”. As a result, sleep paralysis – though it sounds awful – doesn’t have to be a scary event. The possibility of pleasant sleep paralysis as a pleasant experience improves if the predictive factors can be identified in psychotherapy.

Lišková, M., Manková, D., & Bušková, J. (2017). Could sleep paralysis be pleasant? Sleep Medicine, 40.


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