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College of DuPage Nursing Student Erin O’Loughlin researched that the DuPage County Department of Economic Development and Planning reported in 2011 that 11.4% of DuPage County’s population are senior citizens. A senior citizen is anyone at or over the age of 65. Seniors can experience overall wellness through diet, exercise, healthy lifestyle, and other health promoting activities. However, some seniors begin to need more help with everyday life and health in order to remain living in their home safely. DuPage County is fortunate enough to a vast amount of resources and professionals to help seniors remain safe at home.

DuPage County Community Services has a Senior Services department to assist seniors to remain at home by using supportive resources. These support resources can include transportation vouchers, home care workers, adult day care, life alert buttons, food pantries, support groups, senior centers, senior activity groups, Meals on Wheels, and more. Low income residents can be assessed and educated about different state and county services. The county can also provide information about private services. According to Nursing Economics, these kinds of resources have been shown to help seniors improve thinking and reasoning, improve senior depression, reduce episodes of incontinence, decrease pain, and increase activities of daily living. Seniors may even qualify for routine home visits.

Routine home visits from a nurse or social worker can be beneficial to seniors. These home visits can help evaluate overall health, health maintenance, help schedule doctor appointments, check the quality of any home care services, and investigate any further barriers that keep the senior from living safely in their home. Again, by doing this, a senior’s quality of life and health improve by slowing the digression of health. The Canadian Journal of Aging stated that routine home visits can help a senior feel less socially isolated and more connected to the community.

DuPage County Senior Services can be reached at 630-407-6500 if you would like to talk about resources available in the county.







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