Is Your Grill Making You Fat?

Good Health Update share that  as spring and summer roll around, Americans are quick to roll out the BBQ grills and get cooking.

While most will think of meat and protein coming from a BBQ, there are a few fat packing foods hiding in your grill ready to destroy your diet. If you’re looking to stay on track in the gym and on your diet, look to steer clear or curb these BBQ favorites.

From Muscle and Fitness:

Burgers – “Unfortunately, everyone’s favorite BBQ food is loaded with calories and fat. Coming in at the highest number of calories on the list, a 6-oz burger made with 80% lean ground beef has about 425 calories.”

Cole slaw – It’s just vegetables, right? Unfortunately, Cole slaw is rarely made with diets in mind and routinely see them loaded up and mixed with a ton of fat packing mayo.

Beer– This one is an obvious no brainier but while we know the empty calories and effect beer can have on diets and training, it’s important to enjoy in moderation. Having a beer with your BBQ isn’t going to send you diet into a downward spiral, but the calories can add up quick.

BBQ sauce– What’s a BBQ without sauce? Sure, it tastes great, but many are loaded with sugar or other diet wrecking additives. “Bottled barbecue sauce is not only full of additives like high-fructose corn syrup and caramel coloring, but also packed with calories. That ¼-cup of barbecue sauce slathered on your chicken? It’ll eat up about 125 calories. A single tablespoon of barbecue sauce alone can have 14g of carbs.”

BBQ’s are meant to be fun and are a great way to spend time with friends and family. Just like during the holidays, if you want to stay on top of your training and diets, plan to stay in control.


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