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Erika Fortes, COD Nursing Student, shared with Healthy Lombard that getting out of bed and starting your morning is the most grueling thing in the world. At least it is to me. Like any other college student, waking up to go to class or work is always a struggle. My bed is warm and cozy, and even though I really don’t feel like moving, I must get up to start my day. There were days where I would move like a zombie after getting out of bed. I would wander around my room mindlessly gathering all I needed for the day, still half asleep, wishing I was in bed. Sometimes this sleep-like awake state would continue to when I was sitting behind the wheel of my car in the driveway! But that heavy-eyed feeling is now a thing of the past for me. No, I did not somehow miraculously convert myself into being a morning person. That would be quite a miracle. But the following are some little tips and tricks to shake off that tired feeling, increase your energy, and feel a little more prepared to start your day.

  1. Drink some water!

This simple little action could make a huge difference in how your body feels. When you wake up, your body is dehydrated. So, drinking a little bit of water helps stimulate your body and feel more energized for the day. For me, leaving a cold glass on my nightstand makes it easier to reach first thing in the morning. When I drink it, I can feel that cold water hit my stomach, and I feel more refreshed.

  1. Stretch it out!

And by it, I mean your body. Extend your arms above your head, sit up as straight as you can, or swing your feet while you sit on the edge of your bed. Anything to get your blood flowing and shake off that stiff, sleepy feeling. Your energy will build up as the blood gets going, and it makes getting out of bed easier.

  1. 1, 2, 3: SMILE!

Remember what I said about stretching your body? That includes every muscle on your face too! Not only does smiling stretch out your facial muscles, but it also can immensely improve and extend your mood later into the day.

  1. Crank those tunes!

Right in the morning, we are trying to find the energy to somehow make it through the day. By listening to music, no matter your preference, you can help increase your feelings of empowerment and confidence. You can passively listen, and possibly even sing and dance (that helps get your body moving too!) to increase that feel good energy to start your day.



  1. Feed your hunger!


You finally got out of bed, yay! You’ve kept your energy up thus far to walk out of your room. Now you’re out the door to get to where you need to be, right? Wrong. Don’t forget that you keep your energy up with food too! We’re all guilty, myself included, of grabbing that donut and coffee and calling that a good meal to start the day. But that sugar high will only give your body so much energy. Make sure to give your body the love it deserves by eating right in the morning. If you’re not sure what to eat, check out some great articles on the website about healthy eating. It’s as easy as typing in breakfast into the search bar, and you’re all good to go!


Now, these are some tricks that work for me to get my energy up and get going in the morning. I didn’t spring out of bed feeling miraculously energetic every morning overnight, but I did notice that, with time, I felt more energetic waking up and my mood improving earlier in the morning when I got to school. You don’t have to do all 5 of these things every morning, but any combination of them can work. You just have to find what works best for you.

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