Music Playlist for your Morning Workout

Kat Morgan, the Marketing Manager of Zing Instruments, asked, “Do you struggle to get the motivation for a morning workout?”   Do you keep on pressing that snooze button until it’s time get ready for work? Then the morning run and weights routine flies out the window. Need something to get you up and raring to go? Music can be the key to help get you that morning boost.

And, if you need a great playlist to get rid of those morning blues, here are a few of her favourites to get you pumped up before 7am. Or 6am for those brave few.

Get the Coffee On  This new fella Jake Bugg is becoming popular on my playlists; and not just the morning one. The song ‘Lightning Bolt’ is the song to get your legs jumping out of bed. It feels to me like a good splash of water on the face. Just what you need to wake you up and give you the energy to workout.

Stretch Up  Alright gym buddies, the clothes are on and trainers laced. Time to get the muscles warm and stretched out. A good sleep will have made those muscles tight, you need a slower song with a good beat to get warmed up to. I love some Katy Perry; so why not try her song ‘Fireworks’ to get you ready and pumped up to start the workout.

GO! Everyone likes something different when it comes to motivational music. Me personally, I like a good beat to keep my pace up when running. ‘Dog Days Are Over’ by Florence and the Machines starts off quite relaxed but really picks it up. The beat gives me shivers every time, especially the chorus which is perfect when on the cross trainer.

Keep Calm Morning workouts are often coupled with the sunrise, crisp weather and warm coffee when you get home. It’s these thoughts which keep you grounded, but music can do the same. I use certain songs to lower my heart rate back to normal before hitting high intensity again. Imagine Dragons ‘It’s Time’ does it for me. Will it for you?

Raise That Beat  Ok. Time to get the real sweat on now. The morning workout is in full swing, this is when the true fat burn comes into play. You need a faster beat, a rocking tune to push you that bit further. Anyone that’s watched Kill Bill will recognise this Santa Esmeralda song.

Cool It Your morning routine will be ruined unless you cool down. The muscles need to be stretched and relaxed. Not doing this will wreck your body and make you feel awful by the evening. Take a calming instrumental; no lyrics, just you and the music.

Make It Yours When creating a morning playlist, it’s important to make it your own. Not everyone works in the same way. Some are morning people in their own right; wake up whistling and ready to start their day. Others, like myself, need the snooze button and a strong coffee.

Morning workouts can range from a quick relaxing walk to clear your mind to a two hour gym session. Your playlist is no different. Play around with the music and figure out which is best for you.

Here Zac Green from the popular music blog,, gives us his personal playlist for blasting through that morning workout.


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