Healthy Natural Tips for You and Your Family and Friends

Carrie Raab, atYL Oil Lady , shared the following “Back To School” healthy hints because it seems that the new school year environment is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. That means, here comes the runny noses, coughs, sneezes and colds that kids spread in the classroom and in the school hallways. While you most likely don’t have control of your child’s classroom, you do have control over your own home environment and your kids health.  While you have been busy getting their school uniforms/outfits,books,backpacks,and plethora of school supplies ready, I want to remind you of the benefit of essential oils for keeping everyone healthy.  I want to share with you some back to school healthy tips.

Back to School Healthy Tips


Nutrition is vital in your overall well-being. Your children need to be eating a diet full of protein, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. The more they can stay away from processed canned and packaged foods and restaurants, the better. We are what we eat! Most of our illnesses come from the foods we eat, the products we put on our skin, and the medicines we take. Make sure your kids are getting plenty of immune-system supporting antioxidants in the form of vegetables and fruit.  I love supporting my children’s diet with 1 ounce of NingXia Red and a good multivitamin that has whole fruits, grains and vegetables-this helps on those days when their diet is lacking in the nutrients it needs. Also, give your child probiotics to help support the immune system and provide good gut intestinal flora, which will also ward off harmful bacteria.

Click here for 25 healthy snacks for children.

2Regular Hand Washing

Teaching your children to wash their hands regularly will help fight off germs they come in contact with. Also, teach your children to cough or sneeze by covering their nose and mouth first. Many germs are spread this way. To help prevent picking up some of these pesky little germs, regular hand washing is great. While at school, you cannot always get to a sink, so this is where Thieves Waterless Hand Gel Purifier  comes in handy! The ones you buy at the store contain toxic chemicals, so go natural and use thieves gel purifying hand sanitizer.

 3. Sleep

Getting good rest at night is so important not only for the next day but for the days and week ahead. Do you know how important rest is? A good night’s sleep lays the foundation for physical and mental development as well as supporting a healthy immune system. Do your children struggle with going to sleep? I know transitioning from summer time with no morning wake up routine to a school morning routine is difficult in my household.  This is where essential oils can help! What we love to do at night is massage our kids feet with lavender, peace and calming, grounding, valor, and other oils that signal the brain to relax and help improve their quality of sleep. 

4. Nervous

A new year at school can be an exciting yet stressful time, especially for students starting kindergarten or entering middle or high school. Instead of putting harmful chemicals- over the counter and prescription drugs into their body, go natural and use essential oils. A few good oils to use to help with occasional nervousness are Valor, Peace and Calming, Lavender, or Stress Away. These oils will not cause your children to be drowsy, they will balance the systems in the body, naturally, and allow them to focus on their school work and be at peace.

5. Exercise

Continue to exercise during the school year as well. Exercise is good for us physically, mentally and emotionally. Exercise helps with anxiety, stress and we sleep better too. Exercise gives us a higher energy level and can promote better concentration in school.

6.  Proper Hydration

Drinking water helps prevent dehydration and helps flush out the body to rid toxins and excess waste. During school, your children need to drink water and not go 8 hours without liquid. Pack your child’s lunch with WATER and not soda or a sugar filled juice drink.  Water is what their body needs. Click here for a greater understanding of how important water is and why we need to drink more water and cut out the carbonated drinks, sugary juices, dyed gatorade, and so forth. 

 7. Have Essential Oils Stocked

 My family and I have been using essential oils for over 6 years now and we feel our body systems are healthy and strong. IF we start to feel something coming on, or feel run down, we grab our oils.We love Young Living essential oils! Try them and you will see for yourself! 

Regularly making essential oils a part of your routine will keep your kids healthy on a physical, mental and emotional level. They can help keep your kids immune system at optimal level and stay healthy and well no matter  the environment or what is happening to those around them. To accomplish this, you must have oils on hand.  If your kids immune system becomes compromised and then you decide you want to order some oils, too late. So, order now, why wait? The quicker you begin to use the oils, the better the results will be!

This is also true with diet… don’t load them up with sugary foods and then be surprised if they come down with a cold. It depletes their immune system and then when they are around a lot of people and their immune system is weak, they are more likely to catch whatever comes their way. Nutrition is key! Water is vital! When sickness comes lurking, you have a choice. You can go natural or not. My family and I choose to use natural remedies, whenever possible. If you want to change your lifestyle, I am here to help. Heath and wellness is my passion and I want you healthy and well.

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