How To Control High Blood Pressure Without Medication

Irshad Alam, (,  an experienced freelance writer shared with Healthy Lombard that blood pressure or hypertension can be extremely dangerous. The fact that it has no obvious symptoms makes it of a life-threatening proportion. So, it makes sense to consult the doctor on a regular basis and consume the right medication to get the numbers down. In fact, you can control your blood pressure without being on medication by following a healthy lifestyle. Making changes to the lifestyle can help you either go medication-free or at least delay the need for the same. After all, the way we lead our lives has a huge role to play in hypertension.

You can control high blood pressure without medication by following these recommended steps –

1#   Lose weight

There is a strong connection between weight and hypertension and both rise in proportion to each other. So, your blood pressure will increase if the weight goes up gradually. The focus thus should be on losing those extra pounds by making changes to the lifestyle. Not doing the same might expose you to a greater risk of the disease. Maintaining a healthy waistline will in turn maintain your blood pressure successfully.

2#   Regular exercise

Engaging in regular physical activity can help you lower the blood pressure to a manageable level. You can walk, jog, swim or cycle daily for at least 30 minutes and keep hypertension in check. Even strength training provides benefits you should not miss.

3#   Healthy diet

What we eat has a huge bearing on the blood pressure levels in the body. The focus thus should be on eating a healthy diet – a diet that comprises of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy products. Keep a blood pressure checker by your side so that you know the levels of blood pressure in a gradual manner.    

4#   Cut down on alcohol consumption & smoking

Too much of alcohol is bad for your health. Those who drink more than the moderate amount will be at risk of higher blood pressure. The same happens when people smoke as it can keep the blood pressure increased for longer from the time smoking finished. You can quit smoking and stay healthy with higher life expectancy.


5#   Focus on reducing your stress

Stress is one of leading causes to hypertension. Whether the stress is of chronic or occasional variety, it will have a negative impact on the body, particularly on blood pressure. You should take steps to reduce stress by being happy and staying positive at these times. You can bring substantial changes to the lifestyle and keep the stress away.

6#   Visit the doctor regularly

Those diagnosed with hypertension should make a habit of checking their blood pressure at home on a regular basis. They can buy digital devices available in the market for simple, consistent and accurate readings. More so, being in touch with the doctor is of great importance to employ an appropriate counter mechanism based on the current blood pressure levels.

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