“Move More with Go4Life!” during Go4Life Month 2017

It’s not too early to start planning for Go4Life Month 2017, coming in September. This year’s theme — “Move More with Go4Life®!” — challenges older adults to step up their activity by working out more frequently, for longer periods of time, or with more intensity. Each week will target one of the 4 exercise types recommended for older adults.

Looking for ways to participate?

  • Week One (Endurance): Organize a community or mall walk
  • Week Two (Strength):  Workout to Go4Life upper body and lower body strength videos
  • Week Three (Balance): Raise awareness about balance and falls prevention using Go4Life Tip Sheets and NIHSeniorHealth videos
  • Week Four: (Flexibility): Do group stretching to Go4Life flexibility videos 

Stay tuned for more ideas, resources, and details to help you plan for Go4Life Month 2017.  

If you would like to share ideas, get more information, or have questions, contact us at go4life@nia.nih.gov.

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