What Are the All of the Benefits of Kale?

Joey Bruno,  joe@thrivecuisine.com co-owner of thrive cuisine loves Kale. He is dedicated to spreading scientific information about the healthfulness and disease preventing power of vegetables/fruits.  One of these food is Kale that Joe says has become massively popular over the past decade. What was once a forgotten leaf only seen as a decor piece on salad bars has risen to a smoothie superstar and juicing staple.

However, as you may know, popular doesn’t necessarily equate to good, especially in the world of diet and health where misinformation and marketing tactics are rampant. As a result, many people find themselves asking the following questions:

“Is this really good for me? What are the actual benefits?

But fear not…

Joe put together the ultimate, no nonsense guide to kale. It’s everything you wanted to know – and more – backed by peer-reviewed scientific research with no fluff!

His article, covers:

Please let Joe know what you think of his great article on Kale!
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