Helpful skin care tips

Dermatologist, Dr. Donna Hart from Kovak Dermatology & Laser Institute shared that since Spring is right around the corner this is a great time to consider the following:

  • Self Skin Checks– Skin self exams can help find spots that differ from others. If you notice a spot that changes, itches, or bleeds, make an appointment to see our dermatologist.

  • Utilize Sunscreen– Apply sunscreen before you go outdoors. Sunscreen can slow down skin aging as well as help prevent skin cancer. Look for a sunscreen that offers broad-spectrum protection, SPF 30 (or higher), and water resistance.

  • Use skin care products that match your skin’s needs– Using products that are formulated for your skin’s needs (oil-control, dry skin, redness, etc.) will help your skin look and feel the best.
  • Wash your face twice daily with a gentle cleanser– Washing when you wake up removes the dirt and bacteria that settle on your face while sleeping. Before bed, you want to remove makeup and any residual debris on your skin. Be careful not to over cleanse since frequent washing can strip your skin of the essential oils it needs to be healthy.
  • See our dermatologist if you dislike something about your skin– When it comes to your skin, dermatologists are the experts. These physicians can diagnose and treat thousands of different skin diseases. They also have the expertise needed to help patients safely rejuvenate and care for their skin.

To make an appointment for a skin check, or a dermatology consultation please call our office. We offer evening, as well as Saturday appointments for your convenience. 

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