Gummy Vitamins or Gummy Bears?

College of Dupage Nursing student Taylor Godbey  discovered that “Each American spends about $100 dollars a year for pills that are often of questionable value” according to Jane E. Brody of The New York Times.

When you are sick and go to the doctor, you don’t question whether what they’re giving you is actually going to help you, right? I don’t at least because I trust them. I trust them because they aren’t only answering to me. They are answering to The Medical Board of Illinois, who sets rules for what medical professionals can and cannot do. One thing they can’t do is give you fake medicine.

What if I told you that’s what vitamin and supplement companies do every day? Brody questioned a Dr. Cohen who stated, “Products continue to be used at the same rate despite major studies demonstrating no benefit over placebo.” Many people take vitamins and supplements everyday not really knowing what is actually in them.

You give them to your children because you’ve been told that it will support their nutrition but in reality they might just be eating glorified gummy bears.

Does this mean that you should just throw all your vitamins or supplements away? Definitely not, but it couldn’t hurt to do some research.

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