YH4L & The Battle Against Sudden Cardiac Death

College of DuPage Student Andrew Herzog shared that Sudden Cardiac Death is something that almost everyone is aware of in this day and age however we usually associate it with someone who is older and usually already has some kind of preexisting heart condition. I would never have even imagined that a high school student may have such an event occur to them!

Recently he was introduced to an organization called The Young Hearts for Life®(YH4L) Cardiac Screening Program and it completely changed my perception of Sudden Cardiac Death. This organization is known nationally for its screening program that uses community trained volunteers along with health professionals to deliver a low cost and efficient heart screening program for over 170,000 students and counting since they were founded in 2006 by Dr. Marek, who is an internationally recognized cardiologist. This organization is bridging the gap that I had perceived between those who need to be checked for cardiac conditions and those who appear healthy but still should be checked.

To him this is an incredible opportunity that we should get the students at our local schools involved with. Y4HL is constantly expanding the schools that they partner with and this is a perfect time to join the fight towards ending Sudden Cardiac Death in our students.

More information can be found at http://www.yh4l.org/ or by calling 630-785-4366.


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